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Our Awesome Faculty

Imran Shaikh

Having completed his MS in Computer Science from Northwestern University, he incorporates his novel ideas in Mathematics to solve intricate doubts that students face. The students celebrate his teaching and regard him as their brother. He is playful and strict as the situation needs. He understands the psychology of the students and guides them upward to be better people.

Vinit Sutar

He is an excellent speaker when it comes to Physics. He looks after the entrance preparations for Physics in exams like IIT-JEE, VITEEE, BITSAT and so on. His idea of explanation revolves around practical examples such that students are able to not only understand complex concepts but also retain their explanation through visualizing his explanation.

Manoj Kumar

Being an alumni of IIT-Bombay, his knowledge of Physics and Mathematics is unimpeachable. He has dedicated more than a decade to teaching Physics. His methods are modern and help the student revise every chapter independently through rigorous practice and solving.

Chetan Chavan

An unprecedented researcher himself, his grasp over Chemistry has been priceless to us. He has been working with us as an entrance coach and always shown enthusiasm in teaching his students. His passion for Chemistry is evident through his work and dedication towards the institution. He believes in reaching out to as many students as possible who otherwise find Chemistry a daunting subject.

Mr. Konde

With his sheer passion, he has contributed generously towards the subject of Physics for Boards. He commits to prepare the students with tools to score high using smart techniques. He has a demonstrated history of work in Physics and his lecture engage the students in the most effective way. An otherwise technical subject is thereby made easier to comprehend through his teaching.

Mrs. Limaye

If at all Mathematics has been an enemy to the students, they will understand why Gandhi says ‘Love thy enemy’ because Mrs. Limaye simplifies the hardest problems to a few steps with logic. She imbibes a sense of systematic solving which is essential for Boards preparations and trains the student to score maximum marks according to the Board pattern.

Mrs. Nehete

It is her kindness and humbleness that connects her with the students so well. She is in-charge of the Chemistry subject for Boards. Her valuable experience of several years proves her efficiency in extracting maximum results from her students. She understands the intricacies of the subject and conveys them to her students with ease.